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Client Testimonials/Reviews

We found ourselves needing 24 hour help without much notice. MNC stepped up and filled our needs...

Dionne Miller
Sep 22, 2023 

My mother has been using Maryland Nursing Care, LLC for just about a year. We have been very pleased with the service she gets from their staff.  Lola Aromolaran is a great communicator with my mother and myself. We are always in the loop on changes of staff, vacation times and substitutes. My mother feels her aide really has improved the quality of her life and is allowing her to remain in independent living longer. Lola has also gone out of her way to make the service she offers personalized. My mother has been able to get what she uniquely needs from the staff. I highly recommend Maryland Nursing Care.

Ellen Given

 Oct 12, 2023

 Some time ago I realized that wife was beginning to have difficulty with completing what in considered to be essential daily activities.  At that point, I talked with some neighbors we lived down the hall from our apartment in the independent living part of a continuing care facility.  

I spoke with the chief social worker about the situation and he referred me the Director of Maryland Nursing Care.  Well that was the beginning of a productive and positive experience to approach ways to meet many of our family needs.

Fortunately, Maryland Nursing Care staff came on board soon after the Director sat down with us sooner than expected to get to know us. Shortly thereafter she assigned two capable and qualifier staff members to assure overlapping coverage.  In both cases, these folks jumped in running to meet and actually exceed my expectations.

Both my wife and I have continued to be pleased with the timeliness and anticipatory skills they all have demonstrated and would have no difficulty in serving as a reference to others who have similar needs.

Joel Broida 

Sep 26, 2023

I can’t say enough about Maryland Nursing Care. When I made the decision to seek help caring for my elderly father, they came highly recommended. After meeting Lola I felt comfortable allowing her to find the right person for my situation. Our caregiver was wonderful. He was competent, punctual but most importantly compassionate.



We have had a wonderful experience working with Maryland Nursing Care. We have had very qualified, caring and kind aides provided by Maryland Nursing. We have had stability in the aides provided which really helps with the care.  Lola has been so helpful in scheduling, advice and support as we navigate thru the process of taking care of our Mom. Highly recommend Maryland Nursing Care.

Leanne Glueck

Maryland Nursing Care is by far the best home care agency in business. This family owned agency takes great pride in providing the utmost care, professionally and with compassion. The staff are top notch and highly qualified. The caregivers undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure client satisfaction. I would highly recommend Maryland Nursing Care to my loved ones. A great company ran by amazing humans!

Aisha Nassuna

Wonderful experience with Maryland Nursing Care!
Very friendly, professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive. The caregiver is very attentive and helpful. It’s all you could ask for in at-home health care support.

Ed Orvos

Lola and the staff at Maryland Nursing Care have been wonderful to our family.
My elderly mother was unexpectedly hospitalized early this year, and then abruptly discharged needing 24 hour care.  Lola was able to make arrangements for her care, within ONE day of being contacted.  The aides were very kind and competent, and our family was so relieved that she was in good hands.
As my mother has improved, we have gradually been able to reduce the amount of care she needs.  Through the efforts of Maryland Nursing care, she has been able to keep the same aide as the weekly hours of care have decreased, and this consistency of care has been wonderful.  Lola and the Nursing Care staff have been sincerely happy for my mother’s recovery, cheering her on, even though her getting better means a loss of business for them. I believe the staff and management at Maryland Nursing Care are truly caring people.  We feel so fortunate that they were there to help our family through a very difficult time.

Jo Ann Clarke

Our family found peace and comfort during a time of stress and sadness thanks to Maryland Nursing Care.

Cheri Glover

Maryland Nursing Care provides high-quality expertise to the patients/residents, and their families. As a social worker in a retirement community, it has been nothing but a pleasure working with MNC. Referrals are followed up on quickly, and the team is updated on patient progress or degrees. I love to work with individuals who make you feel like family, MNC does that exceptionally.

Jamore Johnson

I had a horrible accident four weeks ago and broke both of my ankles.  I needed in home nursing care to help me get in and out of a wheelchair,  prepare my meals, take me to Dr. appts, etc.  All of the caregivers provided by Maryland Nursing Care LLC have been so professional and are extremely well trained to assist in my lack of mobility.  I would highly recommend Maryland Nursing Care LLC to anyone needed extra help with a physical condition.

jeannie pohlhaus

We had a death in the family and MD Nursing Care assisted us with our wheelchair bound brother so that he could attend.  It was last minute and MD Nursing Care came through for us expertly, professionally and safely.  It means the world to us that we can depend on this service.

Mike Hutman

“Lola possesses the rare combination of powerful heart and powerful mind. She is extremely strong, smart and competent, while also being extremely warm, loving and kind – she is the ideal caretaker for any vulnerable person. She has a zest for life and a terrific sense of humor – and she can figure out what to do in difficult situations. I trust her and recommend her without hesitation.”


“Lola was my father’s caretaker for the last year of his life. My father was diagnosed with Glioblastoma(fast growing brain tumor) and Lola was there for my father every day.
The duties that Lola performed:
* Reminding my father to take his meds.
* Blood sugar, temperature, blood pressure, and weight everyday
* Make meals
* Bathing and dressing
* Keeping my Dad’s room very clean and organized
* Running errands
* Going for walks and exercise
* Singing with my Dad
* Reading to my Dad
* A calming force
* Attentive to my Dad’s moods and kept him smiling
* Lola was very intuitive and could anticipate my father’s moods and how he was feeling

Over the years our family has hired many caretakers. Lola stands out as the absolute most reliable, caring, organized, effective and thoughtful caretaker we have yet seen. If the position would benefit from a world class caretaker, I would strongly recommend her.

Now that Lola has formed her own agency, Maryland Nursing Care, this will give her a chance to share her qualities of effectiveness, organization, and thoughtfulness to other families in need.”


“It is a pleasure for me to write this letter of recommendation for Lola, who had worked as my mother’s caregiver. Lola came highly recommended to me and I was not disappointed. My mother was in a moderate stage of dementia at that time and Lola seemed to have the magic touch with her. Lola was very professional and dependable, while at the same time warm and caring with my mom. She managed to be able to accomplish some aspects of my mother’s care which others had found challenging. Because I trust Lola’s judgement we turned to her and her agency for some fill-in support recently and not surprisingly we were more than satisfied with the caregiver she provided. I would highly recommend Lola in any aspect of the elderly caregiving profession.”


Our family met with Lola to discuss our care needs. She was wonderful and really listened to our concerns. It was obvious the concern and compassion she uses to meet client’s needs.


I can’t say enough about Maryland Nursing Care. Lola and the assistance she provided to my father and myself could not have been better. Professional, compassionate, responsive are three things that come to mind first. Anyone in need of help with an elderly family member could not make a better choice. They worked with us to find a perfect fit for our situation. Our caregiver Chris was absolutely wonderful and Maryland Nursing Care made the transition into having someone come into our home so comfortable. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of this service.

Holly Farnella

We were so fortunate to find Maryland Nursing Care (Fulton, MD) when we needed assistance caring for an elderly parent. At the recommendation of a friend who had contracted with the provider, we reached out to the company’s care coordinator, Lola Aromolaran. She is amazing - a wonderful and caring person who truly has a passion for helping the elderly and is so easy to talk to! She took the time to meet with us to listen and truly understand what our 100-year-old father’s needs were, and she worked closely with our family to develop a care plan that would work for us and the facility where he lives. The nurse that she selected to work with him is kind and a great communicator. We had been having problems connecting with the care staff in the dementia unit where he lives, but our Maryland Nursing Care team member provides us insight into how our loved one is doing and lets us know when he needs hygiene and other care items. There is a binder set aside for communications, and we also routinely coordinate directly with Lola and the care provider via text message. We are so relieved to know that his increasingly challenging needs are being met in a dignified and caring way, and we are grateful to have Maryland Nursing Care as a partner in ensuring he has the best quality of life possible.  We were blessed to have found this organization and give a wholehearted recommendation for others to explore this company for personalized, affordable, and flexible, elder care!

Andie DiCarlo

I LOVE Maryland Nursing Care! MD Nursing Care provides excellent person centered care. Their caregivers are prompt, caring, and patient. They look so professional in their crisp, white uniforms.

Lola, the owner, has been accommodating and responsive when I have reached out to her. I work in a retirement community and have worked with families and residents that have needed support in their homes and have had the same experience.

This type of care is an investment and Maryland Nursing Care is worth every penny. The peace of mind in knowing that your loved one is being well cared for is invaluable!

Renee Jefferson

I had the most wonderful experience working with MD Nursing care. My mother needed to attend a doctors appointment after a recent stumble and I only had a few days to find her assistance. With just 72 hours to secure a service provider to meet her needs I was hopeful but unsure if I would be able to locate assistance in time. I contacted several service providers but with such short notice they were unavailable to help. But then I was referred to MD Nursing Care LLC. The main point of contact, Lola, was so patient and understanding. She listened to my concerns/needs and even took the time to complete a preliminary in-home assessment as well as taking my mother to her appointment. She was very responsive and professional throughout the process, I knew that my mother was in good hands. Thank you MD Nursing Care LLC., for being available to assist during such a stressful/sensitive time you truly alleviated my concerns and were able to provide the service my mother needed in under 48 hours. Truly appreciative and I would definitely recommend their services for anyone looking for nursing care options. Thanks Lola!!

Courtney B.

We were so fortunate to find Lola and Maryland Nursing Care LLC for our love one.  Our caregiver has been a blessing to us and we could not be more pleased with the care that they have provided.  Thank you Lola!

Julie Hoang

Lola was just who I needed when I faced a new, scary health situation with my spouse. She was encouraging and available with helpful hints. She checked up on me regularly and let me know she was there for me. It was a comfort to have her answer my calls.

Nancy Yee

“There are not enough words to explain how much Lola and her team at Maryland Nursing Care LLC has done for my husband and myself.  They are so experienced in dealing with dementia patients and particularly the added complication of my husband’s ankle replacement surgery.  Nana was so caring and professional with my husband…… was able to understand the Doctor’s instructions for his care at home and assisted me in transporting him to appointments.  And the emergency situations when I had to call at the last minute for help and she was there with no questions asked. Now that he is better, we miss her.  I can highly recommend Lola and her team….. you could not find a more compassionate group of professionals.”


“Lola personally provided exceptional care to my mother for over seven years. Forming her own agency gives Lola an opportunity to extend her professionalism, attention to detail, experience with changing needs, and enormous sensitivity to more families in need.

Lola is an extremely dedicated caregiver herself and able to quickly recognize those traits in others. She did not miss a day in seven years, but more importantly was how she made each day better despite my mother’s declining health. Lola played a vital role in delivering daily care needs, as a companion, as a support for our extended family, as a leader to a care team, and vitally as an advocate for my mother who became unable to speak.

Lola’s commitment to care and extremely high standards is evident in everything she does. She builds systems and protocols to ensure smooth handover in team care situations. She is by nature very observant, a resourceful problem solver, accurately managing detailed inventory lists, and anticipating supply needs. She is a team player and lion-hearted advocate for those in need of care.”


“I have known and admired Lola for 10 years as I watched her almost daily interactions with my adopted mom who required full time nursing care as a result of dementia. Lola always demonstrated integrity, compassion, reliability and professionalism. When Lola quickly took the initiative to assume responsibility for managing my mom’s other caregivers, appointments and supplies for her daily living, it was clear she was extremely gifted in both hands on care and at the training and supervision of the staff that would foretell her later creating an agency which embodied her unparalleled high standards of care.

I do not think I can begin to express how fortunate my family is to have Lola and her staff now assisting us in the care of my father. Dad has very well managed early stage dementia, but after his ankle surgery we were unprepared for his tremendous decline due to the anesthesia and medications. When we called Lola to ask for someone to assist us, we were panicked and needed help immediately. Lola assigned us a wonderful nurse, Nana, who has been nothing short of an angel. While my father does not always take to strangers or being told what to do, Nana had him quickly engaged in conversation and happy to follow her suggestions as she guided him through daily living activities he would otherwise resist with us. When my mom must leave for work appointments, she is comforted to know my dad is receiving outstanding care and he looks forward to Nana’s arrival. It is without hesitation that I recommend Lola and her team of caregivers to assist those loved ones for whom we want the very best.”


I am a current client of this provider
Maryland nursing care helped with mom’s nursing care needs after she had a stroke. Lola jumped in and had a nurse there within hours! Her team has been an amazing relief and allowed me to focus on being with mom rather than trying to figure out what to do. I highly recommend Maryland Nursing Care for their quality in care and their compassion. They are amazing!


A few months ago, my husband returned home from the hospital with a terminal diagnosis. Hospice was to start the next day. I, at the same time was diagnosed with Covid. A friend recommended Maryland Nursing Care (though wonderful, hospice can not stay with the patient for extended periods of time). I called Lola at MNC and she worked day and night keeping me covered with 24 hour care. I don’t know what I would have done without them.


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